Décor Features Your Room Needs 

We always make sure that we’ve got the basics covered from furniture such as couches and coffee tables, to textiles like curtains and rugs, as well as to the smaller elements like candles and plants. However, you will still need some features to bring a room to life; here are some of the features. 



A feeling of sterility and being lifeless can be brought by rooms which are painted all beige or all white. It is a good idea to inject a little energy with some pops of color on accessories or a piece of painted furniture but you can just also stick with monochromatic schemes. 

    Something Living 

For space, houseplants will surely be beautiful. If you do not have a green thumb, you can stick with trendy succulents which are easy to grow and less delicate to touch. To a room, trees can also add wonderful life and height. If you care for them properly, fresh cut flowers can last for about two weeks and are considered another avenue to make your room alive. 

    Something Black 

Try adding something black if your room feels like it is missing something.  You will surely see improvement whether it is a piece of furniture, picture frames, lampshade, chalkboard painted a sign, or any furniture. You can also shop for affordable furniture myrtle beach to complete your room. 


You can bring in texture as well as interest and polish to a room by throwing rugs. A throw can make a difference if your sofa is still uninviting despite having great pillows. To tie everything better, you can also layer a throw on the end of a bed. Another great way to add texture to space is through woven baskets for firewood, extra pillows, toys, and books. 

Texture can be a great way to add interest without deviating from your palette if you like monochromatic rooms.  


A room without books is hard to imagine. It is easy to imagine how books can live happily in any room whether there are coffee table tomes in the living room, a basket of children’s books in the family room, or cookbooks in the kitchen. There are lots of various ways for your books to be displayed and stored. 

However, you do not need to be an avid reader nor have a whole bookcase filled with different books. In a display, books can simply be used as beautiful objects. They can surely add height to other items that you want to showcase. 


Chances are you have not added in enough of your own personality if your room feels like a furniture showroom. Try to highlight the hobbies of your family as well as interests through accessories that reflect those stories since your home should be a reflection of who lives there. 

To infuse a room with more life, you can select items that lend a sense of history as well as tell your own meaningful story. One way to do this is by adding photographs. To infuse your room with personality, you can add framed memorabilia or object acquired on trips or collections.